Farewell Luncheon in Honour of H.E. Datuk Jilid Kuminding and Datin Norimeh Abdul Jalil

The staff of the Malaysian Embassy in Amman held a farewell party for the Malaysian Ambassador, Datuk Jilid Kuminding, and his wife, on the occasion of the end of his tenure as Ambassador to Jordan, on Wednesday 19/1/2022, at the Opal Hotel, Airport Road, Amman.

The Malaysian Ambassador gave a farewell speech in which he thanked all the employees for their support of him throughout his tenure, which lasted about four and a half years. The Ambassador indicated that it was one of the most beautiful moments of his work in a generous and hospitable country that he loved and was devoted to in order to enhance bilateral cooperation between both two countries.

In her speech, the Director of Consuls also expressed her deep thanks and sincere love to the ambassador for his support and guidance to all the embassy staff and for the familiarity, love, and harmony that the ambassador worked on throughout his tenure.

In a brief speech on behalf of the local staff, Mr. Issa Barhoum expressed his deep thanks and praise to His Excellency the Ambassador, and that he was not only an ambassador, but was a brother and friend to all the embassy staff, and that he was the honest advisor and guide to us in our work and even on the level of personal life. In the end, the ceremony included taking souvenir photos with the ambassador, which was filled with love and gratitude to the ambassador, wishing him continued success and payment.

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